Involving clients in every project.

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Posted on 16th Feb 2018

Involving clients in every project.

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At 37 GLASGOW, we take pride in involving clients all along the way into making your idea a reality. Every project is not just our project, but the client as well. It is essential for all parties involved to be part of the journey in order to achieve impeccable results.


I guess you are thinking ‘But I have no clue about websites!... How would I know what I need?’


Well, that’s where we come in! We take the time to discuss and research a project in order to put into writing something that makes sense, and is easily understandable by everyone. No tricks, just plain and simple requirements laid out for a client to clearly understand and agree on. We can meet over a coffee, take time to explore all ideas. Find solutions to problems we encounter. No matter what, we keep you, as a client, involved and up to date on the progress of everything.


We are good at what we do, and what we do we do it well. We are experts in understanding our clients needs and our development process takes care of those confusing and technical bits to provide peace of mind and value to the invested time and effort. From wireframes, to high fidelity mockups, you will see your idea come to life all throughout the project, ensuring that any feedback is taken into account and applied to continuous iterations of the product until we reach our final goal; a web product your company can be proud of.


So if you have a project in mind, why not get in touch and see if we can bring it to life?



We'd love to hear about the ideas you want to bring to life.