How much does a logo design cost?

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Posted on 22nd Mar 2018

How much does a logo design cost?


At 37 GLASGOW, we get that question everyday! We get a huge amount of requests asking for a set price to make a business logo. The truth is, there is no one size fits all here!


Let's be honest, we are professionals in our field, and yes your baker or your nephew could probably make you something that looks half decent for £50... but is that the right thing for your business? If you are approaching a professional design agency you are surely already looking for something more than half decent? Aren't you? It is all about value and what it brings to your business, so defining your budget is an important thing before approaching professionals for a project. How much do you think your business image is worth investing in? 


Your logo design should be striving for recognition and excellence, so customers know and identify your brand and business for what it is.


Professional web & design agencies are there for a reason, they help customers get the right brand in place by understanding your business. Designing a logo isn't just making a drawing on a computer, it is more than that! A lot more than £20’s worth of effort and work goes into creating a logo that makes the right first impression, looks great and will stand the test of time. At 37 GLASGOW we have a robust and easy to follow process to get the best-suited design for your business. 

And yes you could probably get your logo done for £5 on one of those cheap websites, but just remember that your logo is being sold to thousands of companies across the world with minimum amendments... not so unique anymore is it?


But yes... the title of this blog post is really about money isn't it? And you really want a price, don't you? Well, it all depends on the project, from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand. With us, we look at the value of the project in relation to the business. There is no fixed price, but you know that with 37 GLASGOW, you get the best possible outcome for your money.


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let's get that project started!


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